Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors

Space Rocks!

This project will be completed independently and OUTSIDE of class time. All the directions and explanations are provided below. Students are encouraged to ask the teacher questions as they work on their final product.

The Task: Complete a Tri-Venn Diagram Poster comparing Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets.

Posters will be provided


  1. Create a Venn Diagram in your science notebook. On each outer circle, write the following terms: asteroid, meteor, comet
  2. Read pages 450-451 in your science textbook and take notes on your Venn Diagram.
  3. Visit the websites and videos below and add additional information to your Venn Diagram
  4. Create a poster-sized Venn Diagram that includes the following:
      • One definition for all three
      • Include a detailed and labeled photo for all 3
      • At least seven additional facts for each (7 meteor facts, 7 comet facts, 7 asteroid facts)
      • At least two similarities in the center for all three
  5. Outline your writing in thin tip sharpie

The poster must also be NEAT and creative so that it is clear you gave your best effort!

Helpful Slideshow

Asteroid, Meteor, Comets.ppt

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Helpful Video